50 Years of Disbanded Cameronians,  13 Mei 2018.

Op 13 mei spelen we met verschillende leden in Nederweert op het oorlogsbegraafplaats, kledij Full Dress om zo de Cameronians te eren waarvan er hier 23 begraven liggen. De Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) and Family association waar we contact mee hebben houdt op deze dag een grote herdenking in the village of Douglas South Lanarkshire. Schotland.


Cameronians raised in 1689 and disbanded in 1968.

On Friday 1st July 2016, Dumfries Pipe Band welcomed five pipers and three drummers from the Pipers Society Anam Cara who had made the long journey from the Netherlands to play with us at Annan Riding of the Marches.  


Members from both bands met up for a practice session at our band hall, following which the visitors embarked on a "Burns themed" ramble around Dumfries.  


No trip to the Town is complete without a visit to Burns' favourite Howff, The Globe Inn.   Our visitors received a very warm welcome from Manageress and Burns enthusiast, Jane Brown who entertained them with a guided tour, bringing to life the 400 years of history, as well as a unique insight to Burns and his poetry.


Band members and their families then joined our guests at Rugman's Hall on the Whitesands and a very enjoyable evening of gifts, stories, food and drink followed.   


On Saturday morning our two bands met at Annan Academy where they braved the Scottish summer weather of wind, rain and occasional sunshine.  The bands took part in the Parade and enjoyed marching through the streets to cheers and applause from the crowds.  The Pipers Society Anam Cara were given a special mention from organiser Stuart Thomson and the parade was briefly halted as Pipe Major Marc Sieben received a gift from the Town.


At the conclusion of the parade, band members and our visitors spent the afternoon enjoying Annan ROM Pipe Band Championships.  Afterwards we joined the gathering of Massed Pipe Bands.  As we were getting ready, we enjoyed a spontaneous performance with our good friends, Galloway Pipes and Drums.  Anyone who has seen the Massed Pipe Bands at Annan will know that this is a very special occasion.  We marched with several other bands and P/M Sieben led us down the High Street for the award ceremony.  We then returned to Fish Cross where we were joined by several other bands for the march back to the Academy.


Our visitors also enjoyed spending time at Gretna Green and the Annan Distillery.


Dumfries Pipe Band would like to thank Marc, Geert, Peter, Markus, Markus, Jeroen, Mai Ki and Babsi for a fantastic weekend.  We hope to see you soon!!